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PENTAXslr Forums Forums

The EUropean PENTAX Community Forum: Open PENTAX Forums for the PENTAX Enthusiast - New Members Welcome!
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sasastro     10m

Lenses for PENTAX

Lenses suitable for PENTAX 35mm, 645 and/or APS slrs, Digital or Film
Topics: 179  Posts: 1727

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Steve_7HC     9m


PENTAX Digital slrs: technology, equipment, use, tips, tricks, on digital photography
Topics: 144  Posts: 1204

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Steve_7HC     1y


PENTAX Film slrs: technology, equipment, use, tips, tricks of Film
Topics: 35  Posts: 276

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Dangermouse     5y

PENTAX Medium Format

Covering PENTAX 645 and 6x7, inclusive of film and digital
Topics: 5  Posts: 33

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Erich_H     4y

PENTAX Mirrorless

Covering PENTAX Q, Q10, Q7, M-X, K-01, X-5, Ricoh WG series, Optio 750z, etc.
Topics: 7  Posts: 45

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Steve_7HC     6m

Digital Image Processing

Digital Image Processing, eg. Photoshop,GIMP, LightRoom, DarkTable
Topics: 101  Posts: 704

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layingback     3y

Film Processing, Printing and Digitising

Darkroom work, Film Developing, Slide Processing, Printing,and Copying to Digital
Topics: 27  Posts: 163

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layingback     2y

Studio and Flash Photography

Studio Photography, Flash, Daylight and Studio Lights, Flash equipment and use
Topics: 36  Posts: 279

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layingback     3y

PENTAXslr Classifieds

Private Sales Ads (ONLY) for PENTAX equipment For Sale, inclusive of items directly related to PENTAX d/slrs - NOTE: Images uploaded as Attachments are visible ONLY TO MEMBERS

Topics: 358  Posts: 1216


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