A very amateur review of a Centon MR 20 Ring Flash.

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23 Mar '13 Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:57    
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Post A very amateur review of a Centon MR 20 Ring Flash.

They're cheap and you get a decent coiled Sync cord with it – but it seems as much use as a chocolate teapot to me.

To be fair to it though I've only used it on the DFA 2.8 100mm macro on which I shall not be using it again.

The battery compartment sits below the ring flash and with two batteries in it is an incredible amount of weight to load onto the front of the lens. It is virtually impossible to move the lens zoom in and out without helping it with one hand. I didn't even try to auto focus with it, as I think the drive mechanism would have been damaged.

The light it emits isn't strong enough to use any f stop over about f16 and that's pushing it. I can get just as good results without a flash at those f stops.

You don't get the dreaded flash back with it but then again if you don't use flash you don't either.

An example from Yesterday;

I shall give it a go on the 50mm sigma – that's made of metal so should be strong enough to cope with the weight and as it's only 50mm the flash might have enough ooomph to give a decent exposure on a higher f number.

We'll see – but I'm not very impressed with it so far and think if someone's after a cheap ring flash they would be better off looking for an old second hand DOI Ring flash. The battery compartment is housed separately from the ring flash and can either sit on the hot shoe or in it's carry case which you can strap to your waist. Or the cheaper option of the on board flash and pringles tube diffuser.

'tis slightly better than those useless Chinese ring lights though.


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Post Re: A very amateur review of a Centon MR 20 Ring Flash.

Perhaps not worth the effort, but have thought of a way around the battery compartment hanging on the lens.

Have just placed an order for 2*AA -> D cell adaptor from China (4 of for 2 quid incl P&P!). Saw several AAA -> AA adaptors too. Simple plastic tubes with contacts. By running wires out from inside those to a simple battery pack externally, you'd drop maybe 80+% of the weight.

Or just solder wires into the existing battery case to an external pack.


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Post Re: A very amateur review of a Centon MR 20 Ring Flash.

Yep, remember selling them in my Jessops days! Rubbish they are!

See my article on building an on board flash diffuser. Essentially the same as the Pringle tube but mine can be zoomed back and forth so as the front element goes out (if you don't have internal focusing) or you add converters / tubes the diffuser can match the new lens length Wink



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