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Post Backdrops

For a keen amateur I can't grumble at my current kit but one thing I would like to get is some kind of backdrop for the occasional portrait shot.

I don't have room for it to stay in one place so it needs to be compact and then usable straight from storage.

I have seen some gear that friends/relatives have got cheap but they always seem to be a material that looks like it needs ironing every time you want to use it.

Anyone had any inexpensive kit that might be a little less toublesome?

Please offer any experiences, good or bad, or links to decent kit that might fit my needs.



3 Jul '14 Thu Jul 03, 2014 16:11    
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Post Re: Backdrops

I've got a roll of this


The guy is from Bolton and dropped it off for me saving postage (I offered to pick it up), its pretty thick and heavy so doesn't need ironing, can be wiped clean, it needs some sturdy clips to hold it up too.

Cheers Steve

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Post Re: Backdrops

First off buy a decent heavy duty background stand. They're only a little bit more expensive but worth it, especially if you plan to shoot portraits in peoples houses! Don't want to test that public liability insurance !

What you're describing is muslin cotton. Plus point is you can adjust the background to suit whatever size your room is but that's it! It creases like mad and they show up terribly. Even if you pull it taught with big clips on the background upright stand poles there'll be there still! It takes ages in PP to remove them! Then there's lighting it, it absorbs light like it's going out of business! Another downside is muslin cotton is for the backdrop only, not the floor so full length portraits are out, try and join the backdrop to floor and you'll understand the nightmare!

Much better to buy a vinyl roll! Downside you will always need a space that's 3m long and 2m high so customers may have to move their room around to make it fit but! Even lighting, no creases, easier to light, more professional looking, no join at floor - infinity curve!



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Post Re: Backdrops

Thanks fellas...looks like I'm buying vinyl.

Much appreciated Very Happy



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Post Re: Backdrops

Depends on the colour, distance and lighting.

But firstly a good solid stand is vital as Gareth said. I have the Calumet one and even if it is not the quote heavy duty one, it is very sturdy. You don't want it to fall over at the slightest touch.

Now backdrops.

I have three muslins, a jet black, a white and the hand dyed blue.
If you have space and put the black a few feet behind (5+ really) and don't light it, only the subject, any creases will not show.
The White is a pain but stretch it and through lots of light at it from two angles, the creases go, but it is hard work
The blue? well it does not matter about creases as the colour is not constant it gives extra texture.

Mind you I do have a pair of paper rolls. a full width white one for hi-key and a half width neutral grey which I have not used yet but will be a nice balance for single portraits.
The white one can be a pain to transport but thankfully I have an estate car (well a sport tourer as the makers call it Smile )


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