Original Q - Sensor mechanically "stuck" ...

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29 Jan '16 Fri Jan 29, 2016 14:06    
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Post Original Q - Sensor mechanically "stuck" ...

Did a quick scan of the threads, and did not find anything like this:
Last night I used my original Q. No problems. Put it on a shelf and left it until this morning.
When I tried to turn it on, I got the SR/focal length setting screen, as normal.
I OK'd my 2,8mm and briefly got the viewfinder-display. Then it turns itself off.
Repeated this half a dozen times, same result. Put a new battery in the corpse.
Same result. Tried my 01 lens. Same result.
Finally I looked into the Q with the lens removed.
The sensor (normally moving freely for SR) is "stuck" in one position towards the side.
I know it's not "comme il faut" to do this, but when I try to move the sensor with a pin,
it just goes back to the same position. Put the camera in a sock and thumped it on my hand.
Checked the sensor and it was in the other corner. Turned it on and got a blurry unfocused display.
I've managed to take two blurry pictures. And it's stuck, again.
Anybody know anything about this? Two pics attached: before & after...


And boy, am I glad I have two unused Q's in their original boxes

  • file0802.jpg
  • file0802.jpg
  • imgp2722.jpg
  • imgp2722.jpg
5 Feb '16 Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:03    
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Post Fixed it!

But then I bought a can of electronic contact cleaner, sprayed some of it into the Q, and let it dry out...
Result: Yesss, it's working...
The fault probably was because of some oxidation on some contact points in the Q gut.
Which isn't surprising considering that the camera is 4,5 years old and having been in my pocket, thrown on rocks and being out in the snow, etc, etc...

So, now I'm happy again....


  • 55106_1454321857.jpg
  • 55106_1454321857.jpg
  • The vignetting to the left is due to two causes:
    1) the lens is a CS lens built for 1/3" sensors
    2) I didn't mount it in the exact middle of the body cap - clumsy clumsy
7 Feb '16 Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:20    
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Post Re: Original Q - Sensor mechanically "stuck" ...

@Erich_H Thanks for coming back and posting a solution, it may well be useful for others in the future.

Glad you figured out a fix. Hope to see some more images from it now it's fixed! Smile


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8 Feb '16 Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:06    
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Post Original Q - Sensor mechanically "stuck" ... and it's Alive!

Thanks! Here's one picture, taken after the resurrection:
Yashica ML 2.8/28mm at f2.8 and about 30 cm from object.

Some pp in Snapseed: frame and grunge effect.

[The size of object is about 3 cm in diameter]


  • imgp2867_snapseed.jpg
  • imgp2867_snapseed.jpg
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