What do you guys use . . .

Digital Image Processing, eg. Photoshop,GIMP, LightRoom, DarkTable
18 May '18 Fri May 18, 2018 16:15    
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Post What do you guys use . . .

. . . for post processing hardware/software nowadays?

Hi all, it's been a while I know, but having moved house the back end of 2015 I've been extremely busy making some house repairs and gardening. My camera's is not even gathering dust, it sits in it's bag in a cupboard for most of the year and since I aquired my son's 'old' Samsung Galaxy S6+ phone, I haven't even given the MX-1 an outing. The Samsung phone camera does all I need at the moment.

Anyway, back to my question. I used On1's Photo apps a while back and bought into their PhotoRAW 2017 product (PC version). It failed miserably with so many crashes that, for me, it was unusable. I now have a pretty high end PC so I'm 99.99% certain it was not at fault. I did upgrade to the PhotoRAW 2018 version and that is a lot better, I can actually complete a photo editing session with it now. It still does not have all of the niceities of Lightroom though, but it does negate my need for Photoshop as it has layers and effects that work very well. With another update coming in June, it looks like it could be a viable alternative to the Lightroom/Photoshop bundle subscription.

I do still subscribe to the Adobe stuff but if On1 PhotoRAW 2018/2019 continues to make the advances it has, I may well cancel my Adobe subscription next year.

I also occasionally use Topaz Labs Studio product and software from Anthropics Technology, their Smart Photo Editor - Studio, Landscape Pro Studio and Portrait Pro Studio.

What do you guys use for your work/hobby? Anybody else using On1 PhotRAW?


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Post Re: What do you guys use . . .

Still use LR6.12 and won't be upgrading to LR7 - don't like the subscription model and Adobe's engineers aren't properly testing the incremental releases - bugs and issues problems fill my in box daily!

I have On1 PhotoRaw 2018 and will probably use this in due course, but as it doesn't have a publishing module (yet?), not for a while. Doesn't have the same feel as LR but as I've been using it in some form or other since LR1, not surprising. I have downloaded Darktable for Windows - this is work in progress and thus not quite ready as a LR replacement.

I have a number of plug-ins - Nik, Topaz etc which I use infrequently.

All my kit is covered by LR6.12, so no missing profiles for lenses driving any immediate need for a change.

20 May '18 Sun May 20, 2018 17:51    
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Post Re: What do you guys use . . .

Not used it yet, but Raw Therapee is essential for proper pixel shift ..... see ...


This guy has only used Lightroom, but his pixel shift shots of butterflies are amazing....

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Post Re: What do you guys use . . .

darktable as I'm on Linux, haven't used windows in more than a decade!

The non destructive editing is very equivalent to lightroom according to those who use both. Very light on the print side, and a bit light on the organisation side. But I'm more than happy with the the pp bit. Especially now it has just got a haze removal tool/module.

It has just become available on Windows. The code was always biuldable on Windows or Linux on a DIY basis, but a windows developer has stepped up to do the support so it's now available as an install.

Free as in beer and GPL. And a lot of the input side is basically the same as LR, as Adobe wasn't shy when it came to acquiring FOSS tools!


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Post Re: What do you guys use . . .

Mostly Darktable (I'm a Linux user), but pixel shift pictures are converted to the tiff format with Raw Therapee.

2 Jul '18 Mon Jul 02, 2018 08:01    
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Post Re: What do you guys use . . .

@waldbaer59, Welcome!

I've just discovered these instructions for updating lensfun so that darktable can get the latest lens data. Needed by me as it doesn't support the Tamron 70-200 with the version of lensfun in the Ubuntu repository. But darktable does now Smile It also now matches the Pentax 18-135 straight away, without the extra [] problem.


Thought it might be useful to others.


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