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I took my converted K7 to Greece at the beginning of July to see how a Greek Island would photograph in Infra Red - bearing in mind that by July, the vegetation on the island would have been well depleted and that is an important 'assist' with this type of image.

The album is here:

Halki - Infra Red

I was very pleased with the results. I took my K1 and most of my FF lenses (the long zooms were in our suitcases as even EasyJet's quite generous hand luggage allowance couldn't be stretched to include them), so I had the HD D-FA 15-30mm fitted to the K7 most of the time. I also shot the island with an MZS and a full set of FA Ltds using 2 rolls each of Adox Silvermax 100 and Fuji Velvia. Comparing the 4 albums which were usually shot at the same time of day is an interesting exercise in how the various media work in the same environment. I guess it's a different type of pixel peeping!

We're due to go on a short cruise up the Croatian coast soon, so on the results of the what I got on Halki, the K7 and K1 will get a further overseas outing (but not the MZS and its FA Ltd chums).

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