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Posted:  Sun Feb 12, 2017 17:26   Author:  SteveEveritt   Location: Barry S. Wales
Post subject:  Lanzarote

I've been getting some Canarian sun to warm my bones for the last two weeks.
Full monty here

A dude

A beach

A sunrise

A volcano

A long exposure of El Golfo, lit by the moon

A Spider

A sunset

A tree

Posted:  Sun Feb 12, 2017 18:15   Author:  sasastro   Location: Suffolk, UK
Post subject:  Re: Lanzarote

Lucky you Steve Very Happy Loving these photos, especially loving The Dude

Posted:  Sun Feb 12, 2017 18:41   Author:  Algernon   Location: Lancashire
Post subject:  Re: Lanzarote

Great capture of the heat! Mr. Green All very nice pictures.

Posted:  Fri Nov 10, 2017 09:34   Author:  Charlotte   Location: France
Post subject:  Re: Lanzarote

Oooh warmth Laughing

I really like the night shot Steve. Cool

Posted:  Fri Jun 22, 2018 09:08   Author:  Florette007   
Post subject:  Re: Lanzarote

Lanzarote one of the great places to visit in the canary island is one of my favorite and probably the most memorable one. I'm a heavy drinker and theres this one place in Lanzarote where they made the finest if not the greatest wine called bodegas, man that was very nice! But the main reason for my visit in Lanzarote is because of surfing. One of friends told me to go during the surfing season which is November-March and I did! And it didn't waste my time at all and money well spent. I almost forgot It's the most memorable place for me because this is here I finally met her! Happily married for 7 yrs now with one lovely daughter. I'll be returning here anytime soon that's for sure. thanks for bringing back good old memories with this lovely. Anyways hope this link could help you learn more about this wonderful island

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