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Metal Lens Hoods

Posted:  Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:12   Author:  chunky   Location: Isle of Skye
Post subject:  Metal Lens Hoods

Does anyone have a source of supply for Metal Screw in Lens Hoods.

Sorry to be a bit of a dinosaur but I much prefer these to the 'petal' hoods so much in vogue nowadays.
Especially for my prime lenses.

Any polite suggestions would be most welcome.


Posted:  Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:57   Author:  Algernon   Location: Lancashire
Post subject:  Re: Metal Lens Hoods

2nd hand off ebay.

I like parallel tube type hoods, so that I can still put the lens hood on the end.

Posted:  Wed Dec 28, 2011 15:20   Author:  thoughton   Location: Essex, UK
Post subject:  Re: Metal Lens Hoods

I like round metal hoods too. I get all mine from ebay, generally about £5 each, a bit more for the really big ones. If you look around you can often find ebay sellers doing bundles which include a lens cap to fit the end of the hood.

Posted:  Wed Dec 28, 2011 19:02   Author:  chunky   Location: Isle of Skye
Post subject:  Re: Metal Lens Hoods

Thanks lads,

The deed is done several metal lens hoods are on their way.
All done for under £25.00.
Very pleased.

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