Latest Pentax Products, incl. K-5 II and 560mm Tele

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11 Sep '12 Tue Sep 11, 2012 14:38    
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Post Latest Pentax Products, incl. K-5 II and 560mm Tele

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13 Sep '12 Thu Sep 13, 2012 20:23    
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Post Re: Latest Pentax Products, incl. K-5 II and 560mm Tele

I'm excited by the two additional K-5 models as a K-7 user I will class this as an upgrade, I'm really excited about the faster AF and the tracking function for the karting and birding shots that I will one day settle into and also, compared to the 7, its proven low light/high ISO capabilities means TAV mode will be a boon at the track.
I still think it leaves room for Pentax to slot in a FF Maybe the K-1 rather like Canon's 1D. I really do think that Pentax are looking to get back some of the market share they have lost and with the Ricoh money behind them they may well do it.
I like the idea of the 18-270 as a walkaround/holiday lens as long as it is priced around the same as the Tamron equivalent unlike the new nifty 50 at f1.8 and plastic I would have thought it would have been priced at around the £90-100 mark that Canon have done with theirs, I've seen it in action and for the money it's a good little lens. At nearly £300 Pentax have priced it way too high, for just a few more of your pounds you can have the FA 50 f1.4 Shocked that's a no brainer.
The 560mm is also priced too high, the Sigma 500 is £4k and f4.5 so an additional £2k to have a slower lens but a bit of WR and 60 more mm is not a good price for me. I will still be looking at the Sigma 50-500 or 150-500 once I've got hold of a K-5IIs. The rest of the new gear does not interest me as none of it will affect me I won't ever have the funds for a 645 and the Q is cute but not for me.
The X-5 on the other hand is looking quite sexy as a camera to grab and go and also to take on walks with SWMBO: who knows I could even encourage her to use it occasionally. Shocked


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13 Sep '12 Thu Sep 13, 2012 22:30    
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Post Re: Latest Pentax Products, incl. K-5 II and 560mm Tele

I have to say, I'm on a real Pentax AF downer at the moment. I had a crap time at Farnborough, and another crap time at Dunsfold photographing aeroplanes. Out of 1700 shots, I only got a handful of decently sharp ones. And then I went and looked at some of the aeroplane shots over at TP, and it just made me want to slit my wrists.

I've been photographing aeroplanes for years, it's what I do most of all, so it really isn't that my technique is just rubbish. Well, or so I imagine. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it's completely my fault.

And then all sorts of ridiculous problems getting an AF lock in the Lakes with excellent contrasty scenes. Drove me insane.

If the K-5-II isn't *much* better on the AF front I think I'll be jumping ship to the 7D, even though I hate the very idea.

14 Sep '12 Fri Sep 14, 2012 16:57    
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Post Re: Latest Pentax Products, incl. K-5 II and 560mm Tele

Wow I hadn't been following the 560mm news for the last couple of weeks, I had read the announcements but they hadn't announced the price then. £6000! They are out of their minds.


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