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28 Jul '13 Sun Jul 28, 2013 19:53    
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Post lightbox

Hi. Has anyone embarked upon building a lightbox and can guide me on what is needed for the actual 'glass', or is it a plastic type material.
Did try to redeem a computer screen from a dud machine but this was not stable enough for practical use. I know some do have glass screens or more usually, monitors have them.

I have tried darkened glass form an auto window. I find this too limiting.

Would appreciate any advice.

30 Jul '13 Tue Jul 30, 2013 14:04    
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Post Re: lightbox

Would a sheet of perspex be the answer?


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30 Jul '13 Tue Jul 30, 2013 17:06    
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Post Re: lightbox

Ready-made lightboxes are better. It's not just the plastic screen that's difficult the lighting has to be
very even as well, plus they are able to make them quite compact. Then there's the heat problem.

Some scanners have a lightbox like lid for scanning negatives if you can find an old one.



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