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Post Commlite G430 Wireless Grouping Flash Trigger

Over on that other site one of our members, Algi, responded to a question about Flash Triggers for PENTAX with a positive vote for Commlite T320 units.

These are Chinese flash triggers similar/identical to those developed and made by a Chinese company and Cotswold Photo under the Ojecoco label.

When following Algi's link I stumbled over this link for Commlite G430C triggers. These are similar but offer the group ability, which I had seen demo'd successfully by a famed portrait photog at a London Photo Show a couple of years ago. And there was a (slight) sale offer on at the time so they were 20p cheaper for the pair, than the T320 pair, and they included most of Europe in their 'free' shipping offer. Which is quite unique! £16.31

So I took a punt, ordered on Tuesday 26, they were shipped 27th and I received today June1!!! Pretty amazing speed where I live - trust me.

Took them out of the box, plugged in 4 x AAA batteries (better than the expensive mini batteries in PT-04 and similar units), which are not included, and tried them out. They just worked! Trickiest part was getting that little PENTAX hot shoe cover off! Laughing

They consist of a transmitter and a receiver, both of same size, shape and layout, but easy to tell apart as one has a hot shoe fitting (for camera) and the other has a 1/4 thread socket (for the flash).

As well as working as basic triggers, you can use multiple receivers so as to trigger more than 1 flash simultaneously. This is where the Grouping comes in. Each receiver can be placed in 1 of 3 'Groups', so eg. you could have your Main light in G1, your Key light in G2, and your Back light in G3. The Transceiver can be switched to operate any one group, or a combination of the 3 groups. ( A simple 'round robin' on a single button, no dip-switches. ) So in a studio environment, you could run test shots with each of the lights at a time to see the results before firing all 3 for the final shots.

Unfortunately it looks as if the Portsmouth based logistics center is out of the extra Receivers, so getting those from China will cost more than the original pair as they are about a tenner each. But it's still a long way below the 3-digit sum the full set of 1 Transmitter and 3 Receivers used to retail for!

They can be used as a wired remote for a camera, or as a wireless remote for a camera. For either of these you need a cable, basically a standard 2.5 stereo cable by the looks of it. I've ordered one, for the princely sum of £1.55 shipped Surprised but as that has to come from China ... If you plug the Transceiver into the camera it is a wired remote, but if you plug in the receiver then it is wireless remote. And as these triggers are 2.4MHz they don't have to be uninterrupted line of sight like the little IR buttons, and the distance is much, much greater, at least in open spaces.

And they are safe to 300V so even my oldest and most lethal Vivitar 283 should be fine ( 285 volts! Shocked ) - although I do have a later <24V model for safer on-camera use. ( Ironically my oldest Vivitar 285 is low voltage but my much later version of the same 285 is closer to 200V! Confused ) Using these triggers to separate your camera from your old world flash will render the whole 'what's a dangerous voltage' issue moot of course.

Their 5% Off deal ends on Tuesday June 2nd (tomorrow) if anyone is interested.

Note that these triggers come as G430C and G430N models, but either are fine for PENTAX. (The C means it can wake a dedicated Canon flash up, and the N means it can wake a dedicated Nikon flash up. Both are inoperable on a PENTAX camera as the extra hot shoe pins don't align. The C and N models also allow Canon- and Nikon-specific "TTL pass through" from the Tx's foot to the hotshoe on top of the Tx) meaning that you can mount and use a Canon- or Nikon-specific speedlight on the camera as well as trigger remote flashes.)

EDITED to correct battery type (AAA not AA) and explain the Canon and Nikon-specific TTL passthru.


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Post Re: Commlite G430 Wireless Grouping Flash Trigger

Nice write up. The look good. When you say grouping, do you mean channels? So if you had 3 lights they use the same channel so all fire off at once ?



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Post Re: Commlite G430 Wireless Grouping Flash Trigger

No, the newer T320 and all the other units do it that way. This does it the same for the Rx, but the Tx can output 1, 2 or 3 channels at the same time .


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Post Re: Commlite G430 Wireless Grouping Flash Trigger

I originally bought just two of the the T320's purely because my Yonguo RF-602's wouldn't work without showing a black band across the bottom at anything beyond 1/125th. The T320's are flawless at 1/180th. The Yonguo's are still very good as a camera remote via jackplug, but take an expensive CR2 battery in the transmitter. The receiver (like the T320's) takes 2 AAA's.

I fire off one small flash and use slave cells (IR and normal) on any other lights. That lets me fire the lights via an IR transmitter for a flash meter reading if I need to, but I rarely use the same set up twice Shocked

Excellent value.

Some further reading.....

Have fun Mr. Green



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