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Post WTB: 3 Legged Thing - Jack

Probably a long shot, but thought I'd just try ...

Anyone have a 3 Legged Thing alloy tripod they wish to sell on? Specifically looking for a 'Jack'. I want it to use not admire, so concerned more about complete functionality rather than box, case or even usage marks.

Jack is an alloy tripod, and while I would be open to a carbon fibre version - called 'Eric' - or perhaps even a 'Brian', I suspect both of these would be beyond my limited budget.

For shipment to Spain (RM STd Int'l so similar cost to RMSD) or perhaps within UK, payment by PayPal.

Reason for this specific tripod is that I want one small enough to attach to my backpack, but tall enough (~6') to use for a flash. (Vanguard 263AB might be a sturdier tripod, but fails on both these criteria.)

Thanks in advance.


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