Bath in Infra Red

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30 Sep '17 Sat Sep 30, 2017 08:03    
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Post Bath in Infra Red

First chance I've had to get out since we got back from Italy to give the converted K7 a real test. So took myself down to the center of town to where a good proportion of the iconic views and sights are clustered to see what slant an IR filter gives.

Parade Gardens

K7-290917-01 by Steve Chasey, on Flickr

Pulteney Bridge

K7-290917-04 by Steve Chasey, on Flickr

Took a couple of dozen in this short walk around and learnt a few lessons. First, you can't use AWB - that favourite choice just gives you a collection of red tinted images with a colour temperature of 5300. So it's got to be 'daylight' (which is where ACS had left the settings until I changed it mid shoot) which gives a colour temp of 2300 and a tint setting of -62. You need to find some visas with some foliage to give the greyish tones to complement the sepia that hard surfaces/stone generates - buildings alone aren't very interesting.

More to follow from the session and no doubt, other trips with the K7 along side the usual K5II or K3 teams.

3 Oct '17 Tue Oct 03, 2017 07:46    
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Post Re: Bath in Infra Red

Here's a few more:

North Parade Bridge from Parade Gardens;

K7-290917-05 by Steve Chasey, on Flickr

Parade Gardens (arty shot)

K7-290917-06 by Steve Chasey, on Flickr

Beckford's Tower and Lansdown Burial Ground;

K7-021017-03 by Steve Chasey, on Flickr

Lansdown Burial Ground;

K7-021017-10 by Steve Chasey, on Flickr

Yesterday's shots all came out at the wrong colour temp, so had to be corrected in LR to replace the red colour cast. White balance was 'daylight', so may be an import issue with the software I use to rename my images to the format I use.

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