End of new Lightroom perpetual licenses

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19 Oct '17 Thu Oct 19, 2017 08:01    
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Post End of new Lightroom perpetual licenses

Adobe announced yesterday (18/10/17) that LR6 as a stand alone perpetual license is the last iteration. LR7 now released comes in 2 forms, 'classic' and 'cloud native'. For UK users, it's still £10 a month and you get PS as part of the package.

Been a few issues reported with the new releases, so early adoption looks to be a bit of a gamble. LR7 uses 'Process 4', so unless you keep a duplicate of your library as a back up, reverting to LR 6 isn't possible. Adobe will support LR6 into 2018 with camera raw updates but beyond that it will be 'frozen'.

As one would expect lot of people unhappy with this approach to LR and more than a few users are threaten to turn to other products such as On 1 Camera Raw (2018 in Beta 2 now) - which looks to be a genuine potential option as it has a lot of the essential LR features like non destructive editing.

19 Oct '17 Thu Oct 19, 2017 16:43    
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Post Re: End of new Lightroom perpetual licenses

On1 PhotoRAW 2017 seemed like a good option to me, so I bought into it. It has proved less than reliable for me as I was never able to complete an editing session without it crashing. I have it installed on 3 different machines ( the license allows 5) and got the same result.

That said, I've since tried the 2018 Beta 1 version and it seemed to be much more stable than the 2017 version.

On1 PhotoRAW development is ongoing but it still doesn't allow for multiple monitors, something I have got very used to in LR.

If On1 PhotoRAW 2018 proves to be reliable (for me) this will be the last year I subscribe to LR/PS. I can't get LR CC to run on my laptop but I haven't tried my 'proper' machine yet.


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20 Oct '17 Fri Oct 20, 2017 07:37    
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Post Re: End of new Lightroom perpetual licenses

I haven't had any issues with On 1 PhotoRaw yet, but there again I've only played with it very briefly, so I've not fully 'tested' it!. The other option is Capture 1, available on a 30 day free trial. Downloaded it yesterday and will have a play to see how that compares.

My in box is being swamped by issues being raised with LR 7 (in both formats) suggesting that it might not of been as thoroughly tested by real world type users before it's release - including functions available in LR6 not being replicated in LR7! Cloud native option seems to be aimed at the smart phone camera use user as the cloud storage that comes bundled with it is modest and a RAW user would run out of space very soon. The upgrade option for more storage isn't working - more angry users!

22 Oct '17 Sun Oct 22, 2017 06:52    
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Post Re: End of new Lightroom perpetual licenses

darktable for Windows is now in beta. Should be ready for release before the eol of Lightroom, and it should be reliable. Reason I think it will be reliable is that it has always been buildable as an .exe from day 1, but not released because none of the team was prepared to support it. New guy on board and has been testing on different Windows platforms etc.

Has no conversion capability because there was nothing before it on Linux. But it just reads the raw images in as you need them anyway.

A bit harsh of A to not support new cameras as the code that processes the raw is open source anyway and will continue to be maintained. It was unlicensed so that aren't breaking any rules, but they build it in rather than link to it, do you can't upgrade it on your own.

darktable has most of what LR has with a few exceptions, but a more complex UI. Think PS Vs Elements, but more powerful a more eats to achieve the same result.

EDIT: Requires 64 bit OS to fly as it uses high precision floating point.


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7 Nov '17 Tue Nov 07, 2017 18:12    
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Post Re: End of new Lightroom perpetual licenses

Darktable sounds a possibility for me, especially if it's free Very Happy


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