Lightroom - end of Map Module Support Nov 2018

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17 Oct '18 Wed Oct 17, 2018 08:35    
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Post Lightroom - end of Map Module Support Nov 2018

In LR6, this ceases wef 30 Nov 2018 (it's already gone for those still on LR 4 or 5). For many people, this module isn't that useful, however as a frequent traveler with 2 bodies with GPS built in and external loggers for those that don't, I find it very important to be able to pin down where a shot was taken and thus what it was that caught my eye.

I have done a quick search for 3rd party plugins that will do the job now and after 30th Nov and found just the one - by Jeffrey Friedl. I've use his export for Flickr plugin for some years and it's a step up from that provided by LR. So I've installed it this morning. Like all of JF's plugin, its donationware, from 1 cent upwards via Paypal, depending on your generosity. The minimum covers the Paypal charge and will generate a registration code. Once registered, all the updates are available in perpetuity.

Here's the link to this LR plugins. The Geocoding plugin is in the fifth group down.

Lightroom Goodies

Hope this helps others like me who won't buy in to Adobe's monthly subscription model and are quite happy to sit on our existing copy of LR, in my case LR 6.12.


12 Dec '18 Wed Dec 12, 2018 09:02    
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Post Re: Lightroom - end of Map Module Support Nov 2018

JF's plug-in doesn't replace the now defunct map module in the perpetual license versions of LR. It does allow you to geo tag images and see the location of existing geo tagged images. LR used to add altitude to an image geo tagged via the right click approach but this has to be done manually now if it something you want, along with direction camera was pointed in.

Tagging and tracking takes a lot longer now but I'm not yet giving up on the perpetual licensed version in favour of subscription version. None of the alternatives have a map module equivalent, so I'm stuck for choice.

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