New D-FA* 50mm f1.4

Lenses suitable for PENTAX 35mm, 645 and/or APS slrs, Digital or Film
30 Jun '18 Sat Jun 30, 2018 06:43    
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Post New D-FA* 50mm f1.4

Out shortly but just wonder why anyone would pay £1200 for this lens when you can get the FA version, complete with an aperture ring, for a third of the price?

30 Jun '18 Sat Jun 30, 2018 13:10    
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Post Re: New D-FA* 50mm f1.4

That thought had occurred! Wink

I presume the thinking is that for "later higher resolving Pentax bodies" - whatever they are (K1/K1ii?) - that this extra 800 quid will get you more excited when you pixel peep. Or display as an A0 print as you do. Smile

So if you have the cash; and a specific photo op, like a studio shoot where you can drive your gear close to the site not carry; and the critical isolation of the background/foreground demands 1.4 and not a fraction more; and this will occur sufficiently frequently - or unexpectedly - that a lens hire is inconceivable as a solution. Then I guess you can form a line along with all the others with similar needs! Oh, and those who want one solely because they exist! Shocked

More pragmatically, if this helps Ricoh keep the brand alive by bringing in needed funds, then more power to them. But I remain sceptical that this would be the maximal profit strategy when faced with the choice of what do you develop next.

Surely the development of the FA version is well and truly a sunk cost by now Laughing

Perhaps Ricoh/PENTAX see the PR surrounding a new lens as effectively a spend on advertising? They do precious little other. Just 1 not very spectacular email, pictorially, every 3 -4 months.

More cynically, it is a Japanese company, so perhaps the head honcho of Ricoh at one time mentioned that he'd like one ... Smile That'd do it!


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