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Recently acquired a set of 10 rolls from Nik & Trick Photo Services, (shop is in Folkestone) and have put 3 through 2 bodies to date. First roll was with one of my LX's, developed using Rodinal in my daylight tank. Results were OK, finer grained than my previous film (Acros) but less contrasty.

Second roll was shot in Greece last month with an MZS and this is where I tripped up. The film has no DX coding on it, so you have to set the ISO manually. The last roll through was a Velvia 50, so it 'remembered it' and used that setting (there is nothing in the manual about any default setting, so I am presuming the 'remembering' bit). There is a wonderful resource for the home film developing enthusiast to be found here - Digital Truth - The Massive Dev Chart - which is a database of permutations of developers and films, ISOs and times. Fantastic - but nothing for Silvermax at ISO 50, only 100 or 80 ISO. So by extrapolating the ISO difference/time combos it seemed 17 mins in Rodinal might work. I'm happy to say it did. So a hard to reshoot roll (12 months waiting time!) was successfully developed with a good set of usable images.

The second roll was correctly exposed at 100 ISO and developed in the recommended developer, Silvermax, made by the film maker (Adox). The results for this developer were a step up from the previous ones using Rodinal.

If you are tempted to try films which are a bit less common than the usual offerings from Fuji, Ilford, Kodak or Kentmere, then I'd suggest giving Silvermax a go. There are a couple of UK suppliers, of which Nik & Trick is the cheaper o/a, especially if you buy the developer at the same time. They have some other interesting film offers which I'll probably succumb to in the months to come.

If you can get a Agfa Rondinax 35U daylight tank via the usual second hand on line sites, do so. It makes developing film at home simple, clean and quick - no messing around trying to get the film canister caps off and then into the spool of a tank inside a black bag, using feel as your only guide!

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