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10 Sep '18 Mon Sep 10, 2018 15:28    
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Post darktable Tuition Videos

@waldbaer59 and any other users of darktable - or anyone thinking of darktable:

I've stumbled on these 'understanding darktable with bruce williams' youtube videos.

Normally I can't take training via videos, I'd much rather just speed read. But within the limitations of the medium, this guy has done an excellent job, not just in terms of his content, which is full of useful insights, but in his whole presentation style. There's little risk of falling asleep, as so often happens with these types of training videos, and it's current stuff.

Bruce records these under username audio2u www.youtube.com/user/a..._polymer=1 and he's using the latest darktable release 2.4.4. First video was uploaded 28 July 2018, and at 1-a-week approx, he's at number 14 at time of posting.

He was a prior lightroom user, but there's no need for the listener to be a lightroom user, as it is only mentioned tangentially, as in "it's similar to xxx feature in lightroom".

If you do want to watch it, look out for Episode 1 (Remastered) as your starting point, as Bruce re-did the first 3 due to an upload format issue.

You can watch the 1st one here

... then simply click on the YouTube logo at bottom right of the video to go to YouTube to see the rest of the series.

I've been using darktable since the pre-release beta, but I've learnt a ton of stuff from the first 8 videos alone.

And remember darktable is in beta for Windows now. And FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) - free as in freedom and free as in beer.


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Post Re: darktable Tuition Videos

Great find. Style is very good, easy to follow and a great bite size. I think I'll start generation the sidecar files now in LR as I think there will be a time, may be not that far away, when Adobe pull the plug on any remaining support for older perpetual license versions.

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