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Post Battery Charger - emergency substitutes

As many regular travelers do, some equipment is already set aside and ready to add to the packing heap. Well, my dear wife did a tour of Aus with her sister in Nov and cleared the chargers/adapters bag of stuff she didn't need - so my Pentax charger for the K7/K5/k3/K1 battery got removed and put in the chargers box.

So a little over 2 weeks ago, getting ready for a trip to Mexico, I replaced the missing charger from the box. Except I didn't - I grabbed a Pentax labelled charger only to find after the first day in Mexico and 1 depleted battery to recharge that it was the K10/K20 battery charger I'd pulled out. The K3 battery fits the slot OK (when the front tabs are cut off) but the contacts aren't fully aligned and thus no good. Grabbing my wife's old I-pad, I Googled 'Pentax Mexico' to see if a dealer was close by where a replacement, correct charger might be purchased. As luck would have it, a promising match was found 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

As with most things Pentax, actual dealers are few and far between, and the 'Pentax Service Center' turned out to be a photocopier operation. Not a lot of use. On the opposite corner there were a few small booths selling chargers of all kinds. No sign of a Pentax though. I had a battery in my pocket and with a mix of sign language and guesswork (I don't speak Spanish and they didn't speak English), managed to identify a possible alternative with one of these retailers.

So if you loose your adapter, are complacent or careless in grabbing the first charger you see labelled Pentax as I was, look for a PANASONIC LUMIX DMW-BTC10 charger. One tab has to be cut back but otherwise it fits perfectly. Cost me $650 (that's pesos, not USD!) or about £27 but I got a lead as well which saved hunting for an adapter each stop.

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