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Landscape Chronicles - part 2 Addendum

Members' Blogs: Landscape Chronicles - part 2 Addendum

Posted by: Charlotte on Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:47   (2346 Reads)

It's not others negativity that is the problem 'tis my negativity.

I'm sure other people have the little pixie on their shoulder telling them they can't do this or that.

I've uploaded this from my computer to see if it looks any brighter than the one downloaded from flickr.

Mine has a habit of saying things like 'Why bother to go through all the effort of setting up the tripod and using the cable release - the photo's going to be crap what ever you do so save yourself the hassle".
It goes on jabbering in my ear incessantly.

It's always been there. I can remember one specific occasion when I was little and went rock climbing for the first time. All the way up the climb it kept telling me I was going to fall, make myself look stupid, the rope was going to break, why did I even want to climb all the way up there etc.... Didn't stop me from having a life long love of rock climbing and abseiling though.

Something I have found helpful that might give others a bit of a boost (although I expect it was only me that didn't realise this) is, all the great photographs you see have been 'developed' with some form of post processing.

I decided to do a bit of researching after a conversation with Adrian the other day. I found a professional photographer (can't remember who now) whose work I like. He had published something about his processing work flow, bravely showing the before during and after shots. I discovered that what you see on the camera is all the information that the camera has recorded and as long as you haven't blown the highlights or underexposed, the diligent use of post processing will enable you to bring out the information to show what you saw. I suppose the clue is there with the file name isn't it ?
RAW the photographers version of the Artist's blank canvas.

Adrian also introduced me to Lightroom and at this moment in time, I am overjoyed with the images I've been able to make with it. So thank you Adrian. Cool

I now have the interesting task of going through all my recent landscapes and developing them in Light room to see if I can pull out all the details that I thought were lost. Whilst trying to look at my images objectively - that's the hardest part.

Just putting Freddie here for safe keeping so I don't lose him - nothing to do with landscapes I know.

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