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Landscape Chronicles - A new beginning.

Members' Blogs: Landscape Chronicles - A new beginning.

Posted by: Charlotte on Wed Jun 25, 2014 16:53   (9886 Reads)
Summer 2014 and still no news of a Pentax Full Frame - (that's for the google search engines)

I've given up searching for the 'perfect' photo in the 'perfect' light - I'm far from perfect and have decided that the best thing for me to do is just enjoy taking snaps. Shocked Lifes to short to sweat the small stuff and I have to play with this lens to get the hang of it properly.

So welcome to my part of mainland Europe, right in the heart of France, where Summer seems to have arrived with a vengance. (at the moment anyway.)
Farm view;

I love the Summer, the smell of flowers and ripening wheat, freshly cut hay, long endless days of Summer Sunshine.

Field of Mais dancing in the sun;

Wild flowers in meadows of ripening wheat.


l'eté, fleurs sauvage dans les champs;

An old tree in a field of wheat;

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