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Birds - 2nd day of practising

Members' Blogs: Birds - 2nd day of practising

Posted by: Charlotte on Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:48   (7624 Reads)
I missed the Long tailed Tits yesterday teatime so caught them having breakfast.

They're very amusing at the moment with the parents taking the little ones out.
They don't half move quickly. Laughing

That'll do I think enough to give me a bench mark and not too many to bore people with.

I have loads more but I spent more time watching them than photographing them - they are just so cute and funny.
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Birds - 2nd day of practising   -   Leave a Comment
Re: Birds - 2nd day of practising Really like the effect in #3 of the white background. Looks as much like a piece of art as it does a photograph.
Re: Birds - 2nd day of practising   -   See entire comment Goodness, I missed this article. They are amusing little things to watch aren't they Charlotte. have to say I find birds harder than street photograph ...  more
Re: Birds - 2nd day of practising The white background sot is lovely. There are one of my favourite birds, like you say they are so cute.
Re: Birds - 2nd day of practising   -   See entire comment I think LTTs are probably my favourite of all the garden birds, with the possible exception of the robin.

There are a bunch of long-tails that visi ...  more
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