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Announcing Project12 - 12 Monthly Challenge Themes

Project 12 Challenge

Announcing Project12 - 12 Monthly Challenge Themes

Posted by: cardiff_gareth on Thu Sep 25, 2014 19:30   (2720 Reads)
Project12 Monthly Challenge
Project12 Monthly Challenge
Project12 (1) October theme - Water

The Monthly Challenge is back with a vengeance. 12 (Twelve) Monthly Challenges to attack, to partake in and - if you're the best - to win over the next year.

Images are by theme, all announced in advance, and the Challenge runs on the monthly calendar to keep things simple and easy to remember. And we've added the new Challenge Reminder to our Forum, so you will get initially weekly reminders, and then daily when there are just 7 days to go.

In line with our objective of improving our photography skills, you will be able to get help with your competition entry!

And judging is by our membership so it will be open to all.


Shoot one image - in the month of the theme - with a PENTAX camera, and then post it in the Forum assigned for that month.

The themes for 2014/2015 are as follows:
October - Water
November - Street Life
December - Festive
January - Flowers
February - Portraits
March - Still Life
April - Animals (captive, wild, domestic)
May - 5 minutes from home
June - Landscapes
July - 50mm
August - Transport
September - Black and White

A rolling article will be created featuring the winners of each Monthly Challenge. And who knows, with completion in November 2015 we may be well set for a PEU 2016 Calendar ...

Open to all Members. You can enter some, all or none of the months. Images taken with a PENTAX camera (lens of any type and make). Image must be taken during the month of the Challenge. It is a Challenge after all! Wink Only 1 submission per member (person) - in the event of 2 submissions by the same person we will always take the first one submitted.

Images to be linked from where they are on the 'Net and may be any size you wish up to 1920 pixels wide; 800 pixels to 1280 pixels wide recommended.

Voting to be by all registered members (whether entered into the month's competition or not) in the 10 days following the close of the competition. All dates and times to be GMT (or British Summer Time).


Alongside each Month Challenge Submission thread, there will always be a Month Challenge Discussion thread. This thread can be used for any amount of discussion and interaction, up to and including pre-submission of your candidate entry for assessment, feedback and critique by your fellow members (judges). Only your final submission is to be posted to the Month Challenge Submission thread. No submission to the official Submission thread, no entry.

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Project12 2014/2015 preparation
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