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Why you should join Pentaxdslr - What's in it for you

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Why you should join Pentaxdslr - What's in it for you

Posted by: Charlotte on Mon Aug 08, 2016 17:05   (3842 Reads)
OK - So you've had a quick look round the forum and thought mmmm well 'tisn't very busy, well I'll let you into a secret we don't congregate on here to talk about Brexit, brag about all our expensive gear that sits collecting dust - we all spend most of our spare time out with our camera PHOTOGRAPHING !

Seriously though, 'tis true we're not into one upmanship on this site so we don't do 'flame wars' which is what makes some places look busy, but who wants to get involved in nasty arguments all the time. Not me that's for sure - I'd much rather sit down with a bunch of nice people and discuss photography and how we can go about improving the images we take.

No ulterior motives
Pentaxdslr doesn't have an ulterior motive for wanting members to join, there's no commercial advertising so absolutely no being bombarded with those nasty pop ups, google sidebar adverts that seem to chase you round the web and there is certainly none of that sneaky placement of adverts within threads/topics that only go away if you subscribe to the forum.

No Corperate Sponsors
Pentaxdslr isn't sponsored by a magazine or a company like some others and 'tis quite refreshing to be able to go somewhere to discuss photography without feeling as if you're being pushed into buying something from a certain place or buy a specific make of a product.

No Cliques
Pentaxdslr doesn't have any cliques. Don't you just hate it when you join a new forum and you have to try to fit in with the 'in crowd'? Well there's none of that here, there's only one crowd and once you're a member of this forum you're in it. Thumbs Up

All Camera Brands Welcome
Pentaxdslr allows you to talk about other brands and even has special sections where you can share and look at photos taken with them. After all a lot of us have more than one type of camera and although this site is mainly dedicated to the Pentax Brand, there's no point in wearing blinkers and pretending other brands don't exist so why not embrace them.

What have you got to lose?
Absolutely nothing, it doesn't cost anything to join up and it only takes a couple of seconds to register so ........
    If you are pasionate about photography, actually go out taking photos and enjoy sharing the results of your labours with others then Pentaxdslr is the place for you.
    If you'd like honest constructive critisism on your photographs without rude put downs then Pentaxdslr is the place for you.
    If you enjoy putting your feet up and having a freindly chat with like minded people then ...............( I think you get the picture.) Wink

What's in it for you?
Well not only do you get to chat with like minded people, help with improving your photography and the opportunity to help others. You can have your own Web Page and your very own photography Blog. If you have a special area of interest or expertise you can even write photography articles to guide others.

Pentaxdslr is a friendly forum run by it's members for it's members - why not join us today?

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