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Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.

Members' Blogs: Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.

Posted by: Charlotte on Wed Sep 05, 2012 17:51   (4553 Reads)
No I'm not politely swearing (although I have to my embarrassment) used a few choice very rude swear words because of this flipping mirror. My K-r has developed the dreaded and seemingly renowned problem with it's mirror flipping, flopping and jamming. Crying or Very sad
It's difficult to explain but it's doing the same as the camera on the Youtube video in RiceHigh's blog post.

So while I'm bored out of my skull, (the K-r is packed away in the box from which it entered my world) and I'm waiting for Amazon UK and Pentax to finish arguing over whose going to do what (if anything) about it, I thought I'd bore everyone else as well. I'm really fed up, I suppose I normally go through life with 'my cup brimming over' and don't usually have any problems so when this happened it feels like someone has knocked my cup over and emptied it.

£500's probably not a lot of money to some people when you bear in mind how much some folk spend on lenses, but 'tis a lot of money to me and I think a camera should last longer than 18 months.

If someone had told me 18 months ago that a little black box would make such an impact on my life, I would have laughed at them and told them they were mad, but they would have been right.

I have been eating, sleeping and dreaming about photography. Every topic of conversation seems to end up being a discussion about it. I could talk for hours about f stops and lenses and …......... in fact I suppose I've probably become a bit obsessive so maybe it's not a bad thing I can't practise my art any more.

I tried using my Fuji Finepix but although it takes good photos the fact that it is taking the photos and not me spoils the photography for me.

I still remember vividly the day my K-r arrived, I'd saved up for it for what seemed an eternity. It hadn't been a spur of the moment thing, I had researched and read everything I could find about the merits of the various different cameras within that price range and the K-r seemed to have knocked the spots off of the rest.

When I took it out of it's box, it seemed to just merge into my hand as if it had been made especially for me and that's were it seemed to live for the next 18 months. Until now. I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with Macro to get closer and closer to see the amazing detail on some of these tiny tiny little insects that can't be seen properly with the naked eye. Playing with DOF to create weird and wonderful effects has been mesmerising and opened up a creative side of me that I didn't know existed. I've had wonderful exercise walking and walking in the wonderful countryside trying unsuccessfully to capture a decent landscape shot.

So you'll have to bear with me for a while because I'm going through all my photos and whilst I'm waiting to see whether my K-r will end up resting in a shrine on my mantle piece as a memory of what might have been, or whether one or the other of the companies mentioned above are going to do the decent thing so I can use my K-r, I shall be blogging a reminiscence of my time with the K-r.

Charlotte x

Oooh and I've just had a thought – I have an MZ 50 in the drawer that I haven't tried yet, that'll be better than nothing. Off to find an on line supplier of film (not Amazon though, shan't use them again until they've sorted things out).
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Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.   -   Leave a Comment
Re: Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.   -   See entire comment Definitely stick some film in the MZ50, although I haven't had much luck with those things (the dreaded split drive cog)...

I'd be tempted to look ...  more
Re: Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.   -   See entire comment Hi DM, :D

Thanks for that info.

How does one go about getting films developed now a days - do you get them developed and put onto a disc by th ...  more
Re: Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.   -   See entire comment Oh Charlotte :( I really feel for you. I never guessed either how much of a difference having a Pentax would make to my life. Hvae a hug (((Charlotte) ...  more
Re: Pentax K-r and it's flipping mirror.   -   See entire comment Yes, you can usually ask for CD, negatives and prints. Quality is a tricky one - you will definitely get higher resolution if you have a professional ...  more
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