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Why I love Pentax

General Photography

Why I love Pentax

Posted by: Corros on Sat Oct 08, 2011 04:14   (4575 Reads)
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Okay, I confess, I use Pentax! Not because I'm 50+ and using my old lenses, not because I inherited some old stuff, but only because I bought the system three years ago. But why?
First when I was looking for a camera I watched for a Canon. The EOS 400D. But when I hold it in my hands at first, it feels like a plastic toy. I got cramp holding it... In the shop was only one Pentax: The K10D. I hold it and felt love. Wow, what a great ergonomics! But Pentax...? I didn't know the brand Pentax. But After a little research I found the K10D was "camera of the year 2006/2007".

After buying the K10d I started using it and the results where great! The camera was build like a rock, but not as expensive as a Canon or Nikon.

But after some time I wanted to expand my system. Pentax has some great and unique lenses! Like the limited primes, the DA* lensen etc. The greatest advantage over other makes is the size. (Okay Olympus was smaller, but also a smaller sensor).

I'm not interested in getting professional with my camera. So I don't 'need' the extra's of the Canikon system. So in the consumer system I like Pentax most.

But there's also a nonreasonal argument to choose Pentax:

I don't want a make everybody have.

With Canikon I feel much like a sheep in a herd. I want something to distinguish me from others. I'm not that much sensitive for branding. I'm looking for things like specifications, ergonomics and distinction.

And yes, Pentax has its flaws. No tele like the Canon 100-400, no cheap 50mm prime, no real fast autofocus.

At the end I think for most Prosumers, the brand they choose is depended on the same thing you choose your wife or husband:

A little ratio and much feeling.

How do you choose your camera? Please leave your comment to discuss this.
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Why I love Pentax   -   Leave a Comment
Re: Why I love Pentax   -   See entire comment It's always a bit of chance involved in what system you end up with. And to be fair, these days all digital SLRs are capable of producing stunning res ...  more
Re: Why I love Pentax   -   See entire comment Don't tell anyone, but back in my film days I used to shoot Canon :) An EOS 5, to be specific.I got it because I knew I wanted an SLR for the versatil ...  more
Re: Why I love Pentax   -   See entire comment I had a very old manual Pentax in the early 70's.
Gave it away when I "upgraded" to a Minolta X300 then Dynax.
For my 60th birthday I was bought a ...  more
Re: Why I love Pentax   -   See entire comment I'm not sure about the "no cheap 50mm" comment.

Pentax don't make a cheap 50, but they do make its equivalent for APS-C sensors in the DA 35mm f2.4 ...  more
Re: Why I love Pentax But many people uses these "cheap 50mm" lenses for portraits. So that's why still people miss them.
Re: Why I love Pentax   -   See entire comment They used to make a cheap 50! I remember when I got my K100D a brand new FA50/1.4 was £150. I thought that was a lot of money then (little did I know ...  more
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