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The Emperor's new clothes – I know I'm Naked.

Members' Blogs: The Emperor's new clothes – I know I'm Naked.

Posted by: Charlotte on Thu Jan 17, 2013 15:34   (2768 Reads)
First thoughts on the K5.

It was with some trepidation that I traded my K-r in for a K5, a no brainer some would say and I had to make a decision before the original K5 ceased to be for sale new. Due to my experience with my K-r buying second hand wasn't an option as far as I was concerned.
Some might say, better the Devil you know, but although I had got to know the K-r like the back of my hand and using it had become second nature to me, I didn't trust it any more. It came back fully functional, all sparkly and clean just like it was when I first bought it, but the expectation that it was going to freeze and play silly beggars each time I clicked the shutter, took away the anticipation and enjoyment that I get from taking photos.

I could have not bothered to upgrade and just kept the K20D which produces the most wonderful rich photos. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my photos are hand held, close up Macro shots of insects and as the k20's shake reduction leaves a lot to be desired along with the noise the camera produces at anything over about 300 ISO, I felt the need to at least try the K5.

When the K5 arrived I was amazed at how small and light it was compared to the K20. I like the fact that the display changes on the LCD screen when taking portrait photos and the way it returns to 'normal' when tuning the camera the other way. I also am very grateful for the fact that it turns the 'anti shake' mechanism off it's self when using a tripod – that's something I generally forget to do.

I am completely gobsmaked by the detail the sensor picks up, I can certainly see the possibilities when the spring arrives and the insects start appearing again. It doesn't seem to have the tendency to blow the highlights like the K20 and the details in the shadows in landscapes is phenomenal, although I must say that personally I prefer the rich colours of the K20.

However, it's so sensitive that it shows any tiny little amount of camera shake. The few Macros I've taken with it aren't as sharp as they should be because of this, so although I can see the potential in the camera to get detailed shots, I'm not sure that I am going to be able to achieve them. Trying to fight my way into a clump of flowers with a tripod to take a photo of an insect is really out of the question, so I'll have to see what happens when I've had more practise with this camera. The ISO is a huge bonus, the ability to be able to whop the ISO up if necessary and still have no noise is brilliant.

It takes wonderfully detailed landscapes – but I've found to get the sharpest shots I need to remember to make sure the mirror is up before clicking. I have also discovered I cannot take Landscapes without using a tripod, preferably with a wired remote. Maybe I couldn't before and just didn't notice the motion blur, or the K5's sensor shows it up more – or maybe I'm just too fussy, I don't know. It's a bit of a pain though.

I have enough junk to carry around without having to lug a tripod everywhere as well. I guess I'm just going to have to build up my muscles though, even the tiniest bit of motion blur is not acceptable in my photos as far as I'm concerned. However much I try to sharpen pictures that show the tiniest little bit of movement, they still look crap and it's pointless having a virtually noiseless camera only to go and introduce noise when processing. Oh one other surprise, the shutter is so quiet that I only know that I've actually taken a shot when the picture appears on the LCD screen.

Anyhow, as everyone knows it's a fantastic camera and although the thought has crossed my mind on a couple of occasions that I should have stuck with the K-r and that way have an excuse for imperfect photos. I'm really happy I took the plunge as now I have a camera with wonderful capabilities and if I continue to work very hard I might eventually, some time in the future be able to prove to myself that it's not completely wasted on me.

So the K-r took me uphill and down dale made me climb shear brick walls and left me resting on many a plateau and all in all gave me a very long, frustrating but exciting journey. Whereas, so far the K5 has made me fall off a cliff onto a plateau that as far as I can see is a flat as a pancake with no direction as to which way to go. I have a feeling that I need to go a long way down before I start climbing again. At the moment I'm getting dizzy going around in circles.

All in all it's a good job I had a realistic view of my ability at pretending to be a photographer before the K5 arrived, otherwise I think my ego would probably be rather deflated. Still it may be wasted on me at the moment but I'm determined to do this camera justice if it's within my capabilities to do so.

Still I always enjoy a challenge – shear bloody minded determination is one of my many faults.

I hope you are all blessed with perfect light throughout 2013.
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