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'Lumières' - Enlightenment.

Members' Blogs: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.

Posted by: Charlotte on Mon Jan 21, 2013 20:07   (3412 Reads)
Don't worry I haven't gone all religious on you - although the quest for ispiration for the sublime, intangible quality of a photograph that will feed ones soul almost seems like a religious quest.

Read the Cloud of Unknowing if you feel the need to understand what I'm talking about.
Since my previous blog, which no doubt came across as a manic depressive writing. I have, because of the weather, for which seems like an eternity, been confined to indoor photography.

We've had grey skies, grey sunrises and you only know that the sun has set because it's been a wee bit darker than the daytime.
Flat light not even any point in going anywhere to try to capture something - everything's been grey.

I've also gone through the majority of the photographs that I have taken over the last couple of years. 100,000 and counting - most have been deleted now. Out of all of those I've only found one that I really like, and a few that I can live with.

I realised, with help from the wonderful people on this forum, that I was trying too hard. Using my brain instead of my intuition and feelings to try to take my photos.

If you're still reading just bare with me for a moment whilst I try to explain what I mean.

This is a poem that I wrote ages ago now;

The Bucket that catches the drips from my brain.

Do you feel joy in the rain,
find contentment in the Sun?
Feel growth amongst the pain?,
Then your journey's just begun.

Feel the wind in your hair
and the earth beneath your feet,
hear the bird song in the air
marking time with your heartbeat.

Can you see the beauty in a flower?
A little inconsequential thing.
Put there for creatures to devour,
more useful than a diamond ring

Can you reach and touch a star,
or stop and sit upon the moon?
See all the planets from afar,
and hum along to the Earth's tune.

Can you feel it when a rainbow,
rises through the mists of time?
Have you ever thought that you know,
the dance of life is just a mime?

Do you see the universe reflected,
in a teeny weeny drop of dew ?
and when your thoughts are all collected,
do you feel you already knew?

The sun she rises in the morning,
The moon has control of the tide.
When you think that life is boring,
open up your heart and look inside

You'll find all the colours of the rainbow,
you'll be refreshed by drops of rain,
and warmed by the sunshine, and know
that's what eases all the pain.

When you see the eagles fly
circling the warm currents of air
if you then hear your soul cry,
let it soar a while, with them there.

Give a little piece of yourself
to everybody that you meet.
You wont diminish your own wealth
but you might help them to their feet.

Feel the rhythm of nature
guiding your every move.
Then all your actions will be pure
and you'll be making your own groove!

It doesn't matter if you like it or even understand it, the point I'm trying to make in my semi literate way is that I didn't write that, well I did write it but I don't know where it came from. I find sometimes that words come into my head and I just have to write them down. It's like a compulsion - where the words come from will for ever remain a mystery to me - yes there are many, many more, some aren't quite so obscure.

It's down to feelings I think. When I get into certain moods a 'channel' opens and I think this is where I've been going wrong with my photography.

I'm trying too hard (is that possible) well yes I think it is in my case. When I paint it's like some one else is painting, when I write it's like someone else is writing, so it seems logical that when I take photographs it should feel as if someone else is taking them.

I need to allow my intuition and imagination take my photos not me.

God I'm starting to sound like a raving lunatic; 'tis a good job no-one reads the crap I write. Laughing

Just before I close, one thing I really like about this place is, that you get truly honest feedback on your photos. None of this you 'scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' and you don't have to belong to someones 'fanclub' to receive comments and constructive criticism.
(Excuse spelling mistakes - spell checkers on French I I can't find out how to change the blasted thing - technology pah !!)
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'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   Leave a Comment
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   See entire comment Well, Praise Be To God that you haven't gone all religious on us, Charlotte! :lol:

I understand what you mean. But I don't know if I could entire ...  more
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   See entire comment I really like that DS 8)

You've used the W/A to it's advantage there - (I can see a dragon 8O ). I really like the movement on the water as well ...  more
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   See entire comment Thanks, Charlotte.

I used the wide angle to achieve the dof, but then cropped out the rhs because it was doing nothing for me. All the surrounds we ...  more
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment. I can totally see the dragon! It's more of a Chinese dragon than a European one.
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   See entire comment :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll have to go back and see if I can get a better profile. I'll have to wait until high summer, though, as it's slightly wet ...  more
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   See entire comment I'm glad someone else can see the dragon - I was starting to doubt my sanity yet again. :lol: :lol:

'tis indeed wet and grey again, 'tis my faul ...  more
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment. S'ok Charlotte, you're Ok: I also saw the dragon straight away! But Tim's description is more accurate.
Re: 'Lumières' - Enlightenment.   -   See entire comment Charlotte: "I'm glad someone else can see the dragon - I was starting to doubt my sanity yet again. :lol: :lol:

'tis indeed wet and grey ...  more
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