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First insects this year

Members' Blogs: First insects this year

Posted by: Charlotte on Mon Mar 04, 2013 19:49   (2963 Reads)
My Macro work is rusty - that's what comes of trying to concentrate on something I can't do, rather than concentrating on something I can do and working to perfect it. Heigh ho. Rolling Eyes

So I am posting these here as a bench mark to refer to as I go through the year - hopefully they'll get better.
The K5 doesn't need as much light as the Kr did so it doesn't like my ring flash. All these were taken with just the onboard flash on its own. I need to make some sort of diffuser for the ring flash or use the 'Magic Arm' thingy that I made with the help of Mannesty. I don't really want to adjust the exposure setting on the camera as I don't generally have time to keep altering it whilst working.

The shake reduction on the K5 isn't as good as the one on the Kr, so 'tis more difficult to photograph one handed. Bearing in mind that I tend to hold the plant the creatures are on with one hand whilst photographing with the other, this is a problem I need to overcome. A tripod is out of the question with close up work, 'tis too fiddly and there just isn't the space. The creatures aren't going to sit there patiently whilst I organise myself anyway.

Anyhow, that's enough of me talking to myself.

First Hoverfly - the focus is off.

First bee - can't see much of her as she's covered in pollen.

First fly - I'm still allowing for there being extra space around the veiwfinder like there was with the Kr. No excuse for that, just lazyness.

Aphid on a Moss Bud

'twas surreal today, outside in the sunshine without a coat on as it was quite warm, hunting insects whilst there is still a wee bit of snow left here and there. Cool
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First insects this year   -   Leave a Comment
Re: First insects this year   -   See entire comment
The shake reduction on the K5 isn't as good as the one on the Kr
Now why should that be??? Set for finer resolution on K5? Or produc ...  more
Re: First insects this year   -   See entire comment I don't know much about how the shake reduction works - maybe they're the same on each camera but as the K5 is heavier I'm having problems keeping it ...  more
Re: First insects this year One handed macros? That is very impressive indeed Charlotte
Re: First insects this year   -   See entire comment Charlotte: "I'm shooting in manual mode - I've had to save for web otherwise I lose detail when saving to jpeg I've got to have a proper look a ...  more
Re: First insects this year   -   See entire comment Just to clarify for others, Steve meant to say, I believe, sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998).

RGB is used throughout the web and by most all locally connect ...  more
Re: First insects this year   -   See entire comment I had changed the colour settings in PS a while ago because of conflicts with Topaz but I can't remember what it was before so can't change it back ag ...  more
Re: First insects this year You'll find it under:
Edit > Color Settings (Shift + Ctrl + K)
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