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Korean IPS 27 inch Monitor

Posted by: pentaxprime on Wed Jul 09, 2014 21:02
Thought I would share my thoughts with the members of this site regarding Korean IPS monitor.
From a Mac background both in work and at play I moved to Windows based systems some years ago mainly because of cost but also because I could readily modify the component parts.

The one single issue I have had with the Windows system is that although the colour libraries are there, and I can use all the same software, there was always an issue around the display. Apple has always wrapped their units with a nice high resolution display albeit at a price.

Now, after building a new micro ATX PC with a small footprint, I have purchased one of the 2560x1440 monitors from Korea. If I can believe the web, these monitors are made using the same panels as the Mac. Apparently Apple cherry pick the best unit and these are made from remaining panels.

The one I chose was the Yamakasi QH2711 perfect pixel Black Label and I made my purchase from “Bizbuy International” at As many of us do, I used amazon for safety’s sake and after converting from dollars it also worked out to be a good price.

I am right in saying that I have never known anything to move so quickly. The order reached my door, although I couldn't take delivery, in 4 days from Korea. UPS handled the transit and it was fun watching it move through various countries using the tracking number. It also needs to be said that the prospect of buying something for around £250 unseen from the other side of the world is a body tensioner. Imagining the glass panel being thrown about was a real concern. A word of warning, I collected the package from my local UPS depot and was stiffed with a £71 taxes charge ….ouch!

Thankfully the parcel was well packaged and arrived unharmed from its travels and in my opinion is simply beautiful. An ultra-thin display is covered in toughened glass and has piano black high gloss plastics. The base may not suit everybody but again I find it stylish.

The all important thing, the picture quality, is absolutely stunning and making me re-think some of the adjustment made to raw file in my previous set up. As we buy into more and more camera pixels it is easy to neglect the screen that we are editing them on.

I am delighted with this i5 based machine that, including monitor, has the cost equivalent of a second hand 3 year old iMac.

Please feel free to ask any other detailed questions regarding this item.

Yamakasi QH2711

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