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Lightroom - Masking values for Pentax lenses [ from the Forums ]

Posted by: Steve_7HC on Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:06
Article originally posted by Steve_7HC on Saturday, August 08, 2015 (11:01:21) as a forum post - promoted by layingback
If you use the Lightroom sharpen presets, you will have noted that on the 'landscape' version, masking is set to '0'. Martin Evening's books only skirt over this (more space to images than text) and as a result I've never done anything with this slider, leaving it at '0'. However, after latching onto a thread in the Flickr Lightroom group, I've been educated a bit more on this and come up with starting values for my most recently used lenses. As follows:

LensMask value
DA 10-17mm75
DA 16-45mm75
DA 18-55mm75
DA 18-135mm75

LensMask value
DA* 16-50mm75
DA* 50-135mm85
DA* 60-250mm85

LensMask value
D-FA 50mm65
D-FA 100mm75
D-FA 150-450mm85

LensMask valuefor slides
FA 31mm Ltd8575
FA 43mm Ltd8575
FA 77mm Ltd8575

Lensfor slidesfor mono
FA 24-90mm70 (+/- 5)85
FA 28-105mm70 (+/- 5)85

LensMask value
Sigma 8-16mm65

These seem to be almost universal - I check most using by moving the slider whilst the Alt key is depressed and make little or no further adjustments. Been applied with images taken with my K3, K5, K5II, K5IIs, K7, K20D and K10D.

It makes a small but imperceptible difference at the time you make the adjustment but when it is viewed on screen after uploading to the likes of Flickr, it makes the image sharper, so worth the effort.


(updated 27/04/16 with additions lenses added)

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