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DIY macro flash diffuser for pop up on-board flash

Posted by: cardiff_gareth on Sun Dec 18, 2011 00:31
Ever wanted to know how to light a macro image with P-TTL flash for perfect results?

Firstly here are the build images:

First of all, using an old cereal box mark up a rectangular cylinder thats slightly wider than your pop up flash:

Line it by cutting out foil larger than you need, then adding plenty of glue to the cardboard before sticking down:

The inside:

I then wrapped it well in brown parcel tape, firstly to add stability to the cardboard but also for a little camo!

next cut a hole for your pop up flash:

I decided at this point that as the lens set up could change ie 2x convertor, extension tubes, lens reversing ring etc that ideally what I needed was a zoom model so I made another, exactly the same as above but this one was ever so slightly larger than the first. This way I was able to zoom it back and forth.

Thinking of the end that does all the diffusing I toyed with kitchen roll etc but it was to flimsy and I needed something that would stay put and be a little more hardy so I cut a window from a plastic 4 pint milk carton and sellotaped it on place:

Final end product:

Works pretty good!


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